Pond's Edge Designs by Rosalind Brinson

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Frequently Asked Questions


How did you get your start? 

I began making jewelry as a hobby in 2005. Just some earrings and such to wear to work. I gave several pairs away as gifts. My mother offered to pay me for a set. Then a friend offered to pay. Then a patient in the office I worked at asked for a pair...you get the drift. I love what I do, and still learn new techniques as I progress.

How did you learn to do what you do? Is this your only job? 

In the beginning it was by following instructions in magazines, and trial and error. Now I try to take at least one class a year.  I am a "retired" freelance medical biller and caregiver to 2 family members. 

Why do you only have one of each item? 

First, the goal is to offer unique, one of a kind items. Second, some of the products/beads I create with are offered on a limited basis. Sometimes there is only one available.

I purchased at a show. Why did you charge sales tax?  

I hold a retail sales tax certificate in the state of New York. Therefore, any customer at a NY show must pay sales tax. If sales tax isn't collected, there are hefty fines. Square calculates the tax and adds to the invoice. It's helpful at the end of the year so I pay the state correctly.

 Do you do  craft or fashion shows?

Yes, on a limited basis. Due to family issues I participate in a few select shows local to me.

 Where do you get your materials? There are several vendors I rely on, depending on what's needed.  Some are local, some via internet, and a few I meet in person at vendor shows.